Artist Bio

        Born in1969, Fujian, China Qunce is a contemporary modern artist with a distinctive style that subtly combines the traditional elements of Chinese ink art with western modernism. His work beautifully captures the explosive energy of the animal spirit and transports us into a unique visual universe. Qunce combines acrylics, oils and mixed techniques, the use of vibrant colours and fearless strokes to bring the animals into movement. Qunce is rapidly gaining popularity around the world, especially in France, Australia, Canada, United States, Italy and Dubai. Recently, his work has gained the attention of multiple French galleries after being awarded with theRead More →

 Burigude Zhang         Burigude Zhang was born in Inner Mongolia, China in 1961. He grew up before starting school age on the Mongolian prairie during the period of the Cultural Revolution. After graduation from the Teacher Training College of the Inner Mongolian locality, he worked as an high school teacher in visual art. Two years later, in 1982 he was accepted to the Centre Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, the most prestigious fine art institute where who built up his ambitions and knowledge as a great artist. He accomplished his Bachelor degree from CAFA, he then started teaching at theRead More →

       Guojin Yang 1978 Born in Guangdong, China 2001 Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Guojin Yang has described himself as someone “born to paint”. He graduated from one of the most prestigious art schools in China, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. His passion for his profession is clear: he continues to challenge himself by mastering new techniques. Guojin effortlessly combines brush and palette knife styles to create bold and textured work. Though he is comfortable with a variety of contemporary media, he always retains his distinctive, fearless style. His choice of topic may range from landscape to abstract; however, hisRead More →