Alisa Pogorelovsky 026 Sunflowers 30×36″

Alisa Pogorelovsky

Hello everyone, I wanted to take a minute and share my life story.

I hope that sharing my story will give you a glimpse of who I am as an artist and how I find my inspiration. Although I currently reside in Canada my story began many years ago in a small country in Eastern Europe. The country is Moldova and I was born in the capital city Chisinau. From an early age I felt a deep connection with the world of arts, and I was painting well before I could even speak. Perhaps my inspiration came from my father who was a sculptor, or perhaps my mother who was a fashion designer and would make clothes for people from our home. As one might imagine my family was always very supportive and encouraged me to continue following my passion, which inevitable lead me to attend art school. Art School was an amazing experience and it only helped increase my passion and strengthen my bond with painting Expressing myself with colors and an empty canvas was all I wanted to do for the rest of my life! However much like art I found that life too has a way of surprising you. In 1995 our family decided to find a better life in another country, and being Jewish we naturally decided to move to Israel. We found ourselves settling down in a city called Bat-Yam and luckily I was able to continue pursuing my passion by attending a local school (Hertsog) and taking various art courses. In Israel military is mandatory and I too had to join. Although it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea I understood the importance, and after 2 years of being an Israeli Army Computer Programmer I was honorably discharged. Following my completion of service I went to Canada and never left. The natural beauty of Canadian landscape is breath taking, and is a constant source of inspiration. Over the years I have had the joy of experimenting with various arts, canvases and colors and it all helped increase my love for the freedom of expression that I experience when I paint. My current goal in life is to share my passion with other people and enter their lives through art Less

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