Deng Ren 431 24×31″


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Born in 1976, Hainan province, China
Graduated from Hainan Ranpuxuan Art School
Studied with famous artists Luxiao Shi, and Zhengqing Yang.
2014 solo exhibition in Shenzhen

Deng Ren has enthralled the critics with his subjects compositions, creative visions and innovative use of hues. Bringing together elements of both Western and Oriental arts, the artist’s expression is moulded into a personal style with a refreshing composition. Deng Ren has held several solo exhibitions in both China, Hong Kong and Singapore. His abstract paintings portray subtle, delicate stories between people and emotions which are intangible. In each of his works, there is sensitivity with every brushstroke and an apt conveyance of emotion. Widely recognized for his series of monochrome abstract paintings which convey a deeper sense of emotions, the artist aims to delve deeper into what the soul seeks.


Acrylic on canvas

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