Graffiti Alley Vespa 30×43″

Luo Yu, graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Design, Tsinghua University in 1983 and taught Arts at the University. In the 90s I toured Japan practising Arts. Immigrated to Canada in 1996. Other than doing a lot of character sketches, when I practise colour painting, my focal point and attraction is to express the fascinating natural scenery here.

The sunshine, endless lake, clouds dancing in the sky, colourful trees and solid rocks …, enthralling me, giving me the most original creative desire, becoming the theme of my paintings.

I hope as an oriental with aesthetic vision, in these different seasons of bounteous colourful nature to see the shape, colour and to discover objects impression in which the lighting conditions, the hour of the day and the spacial elements on my senses giving rise to images. Discovered I was moved to the impulse of ingenious design to depict the picture. In the process of drawing, paying attention to colour contrast between harmony, cold and warmth. Focusing on disseminating spiritual subtleties of painting and straightforward pursuit of painting with decorative, simple and concise style.

Scott Steele

Scott Steele was born and raised in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario in 1966. Where he first started cartooning, drawing pen and ink landscapes and architecture studies.

Scott attended Graphic Design at George Brown College in Toronto , then graduated from the International Academy of Design in Toronto with an Interior Design Diploma.

 His paintings are widely sought after and a favourite of most of the celebrity Interior Designers. His work regularly appears in Feature Film and Television.His work is in Private and Corporate collections all over the world.

Xuda Meng

Born in Hainan, China, in 1973
1997 Graduated from Hainan University, Fine art department
2006-2008 Studied at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, the top art school in China.

Since 1997, Xuda lives in Shenzhen City, the world’s hub of electronics manufacturing. He sees the hardworking and depress concern of his people about tomorrow: the future. Most manufactory workers worry about what, even, tomorrow might bring. He hopes that, through his art, others may also come to face up to the many social ills of modern China, in its rush from an agrarian society to become a truly modern country.

Xuda likes to paint animals, especially donkey, symbol of the most hardworking animal without respect in Chinese culture, a donkey face with a frozen characteristic laugh in different settings and themes, let people think what the hidden meaning behind the laugh is.