Herbreath 42×42″

Herbreath 42x42"

Herbreath 42x42"

Stevvan Anderson

A small town boy with big city dreams.  Contemporary and abstract mixed media artist, Stevvan Anderson, was born in Pembroke, Ontario and now resides in Toronto.  Stevvan was a student at Humber College where he studied Theatre Arts.  His passion for painting followed soon thereafter.  Stevvan has been published in local Toronto magazines and has worked with community interior designers. His work has been acquired by cooperate and private collectors across the globe.

Through conflict, contradiction, and a search for his own voice, spirituality has always proven a solace for Stevvan. But even though that spirituality was introduced through Religion, He learned later in life that religion and spirituality are often confused. How do we truly find our authentic selves when we rely on other people to teach us what is right and what is wrong, how to live, who to love, and what to believe? Finding failure in trying to live up to these expectations has been the stimulant for his art. Sometimes in the darkest room, a pinhole of light can lead the way. And this is represented throughout his work.

Stevvan pushes and pulls the paint, adding and deleting, which creates a labyrinth of images that thread from scene to scene. His approach is simple, he allows the moment to land without conscious expectation. Stevvan welcomes every mistake and finds the value in its placement. Respecting every moment, for the moment, has been his guide back to spirituality, having faith that where he is, is where he is supposed to be. For now.

Stevvan’s work evokes imagination, a sense of comfort in chaos, and a unique engaging experience.