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Morgan Jones 026 (1) Gnome 8×8″



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Morgan Jones 026 (1) Gnome 8x8"

Morgan Jones is a mixed-media artist, living and working in Toronto, Ontario. In August of 2013, Jones decided to pursue his lifelong passion and left his position of twelve years with a large multi-national consumer electronics manufacturer to launch a full-time career as a professional artist.

This former Director of Sales turned artist is self-taught. Inspired by the casual observation of the people and life around him; his work is constantly evolving, guided by his tendency toward patience, observation, perseverance and, quite simply – effort. His philosophy embraces ‘trial and error’ which he believes are wonderful teachers. Continually looking to incorporate new ideas and mediums, Jones follows a multi-step process when creating his mixed-media art. With a keen eye for texture, design and composition, coupled with a whimsical flare, Jones creates works that are aesthetically engaging while also evoking a visceral response in the viewer.